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I can simultaneously playing diferent songs on PC and smartphone.

I can simultaneously playing diferent songs on PC and smartphone.






(Blackberry Passport and Windows 10)

Operating System

(BlackBerry Os 10)


My Question or Issue

Ok, so I have very strange issue with playing music from Spotify. Right now I can play songs from my phone and as well from the PC at the same time. And it's not even the same songs, this works totaly separate from each other. I can play diferent songs, stop it at the same time. But can't control my device. Is it a bug or a feature? :v

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Hey @Marcin_Max 


I'd suggest making sure you're logged into the same account on both devices. It sounds like you have 2 different Spotify accounts for each device, that's why you can play different songs simultaneously. 🙂

You should also be able to see and control the other device in your Spotify Connect, when you're logged in with the same account on both devices.


You can use this article's help to find out what Spotify accounts you have. 🙂


Let me know how it goes!

I have same problem. Even more Spotify Connect isn't working with Desktop App on that PC and Web Player works. BUT it's working with Web Player and Destkop Player on other PC, and with my Android phone. Whatever if they are connected with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and cable but to same router. And I'm 100% sure they are all connected to same account. I'm struggling with this error for like 3 months or even more. Soo to add up I have android device, and second PC which works fine, but on my main PC Desktop App is playing simultaneously to other and Spotify Connect doesn't work, however Web Player works fine on this. Really weird.

It shouldn't but it does :v Everything is just fine. I have one premium account and I never switched to any other profile. Also, when it happens won't scrobble anything. And I dont have any songs downloaded also. 

Try reinstaling your app. 
Also, try cleanin all files, including AppData folder which is hidden by default. 

If it's not gonna help, I dont have any more ideas right now 😄 

I already did all of that. When I delete destkop app it's working until next reset of it. I've uninstalled it, deleted app in %appdata%, reseted router, connected with Wi-Fi or from my phone. I've log out on all devices from website. I've even two 1h talks with Spotify support XD. We were testing on Test Account and same result. Stopped working after app reset. Idk how to fix it. It's because of ports or what?

I can only suppose, that it have something in common with logging via facebook account. I can observe it sometimes also on my phone. It's like using spotify offline, with songs downloaded, but still conected to the internet. I dunno. 

I've disconnected account with FB and log out everywhere. Nope still exists 😞

Hey @HeroOfOlympus and @Marcin_Max 


You mentioned Spotify Connect not working on a specific device (a PC).


I'd suggest trying out the host file tip described in this Answer article. It could be that the hosts file on that particular PC has addresses related to Spotify and that causes the Spotify client to malfunction.


Some antivirus programs may do the same, so if hosts file is empy, try disabling the AV programs to see if that changes anything.


Let me know how you get on!

Any of this solve this issue. There is no that kind of record in a hosts file and turning off AV (Windows Defender) or Firewall doesn't help.



I'd suggest reinstalling Spotify on all the devices having issues using this article as a guide.

After that, check the Spotify email receipt and make sure you use the username stated in the receipt. 🙂


Let me know how it goes!

I have this same exact issue. In the past, I would play spotify on my TV / home surround-sound across house, which still works. 
However, i would manage songs playing or choose other playlist/songs via PC. It was quite nice to have this option and manage sounds from PC and play on mobile device > output to headphones or AV-receiver. 

Connect no longer sees my smartphone avail.


1. I already uninstalled / reinstalled

2. I already checked account logged in on both PC and mobile and it's the same exact one. I can see same thing (playlists, etc.). 

*Nice to have the "option" to play seperately IF this is intended but I really need to manage it from PC and have them "Connect" PC <-> smartphone. 



Hey @gmarquez13  @HeroOfOlympus


I'd suggest trying out the standalone installer for Windows (online installer / offline installer), if you're using the Windows Store installer, and if you're using the standalone client, try installing the Windows Store client.


Also, is the computer that has the issues on a different connection (cabled)? If yes, try checking that "show local devices only" is switched off on mobile. Check the Mobile and Tablet section on how to!


Also, if possible, try a different connection to see if things start to work. 🙂


Let me know how you get on!

I'm 100% sure its same account. Today I didn't have playlist synced on desktop app. I've tried as you mentioned to delete desktop app and install, Windows Store one. It was working untill turn on and off. Then stoped again. I've tried both connected with cable or wifi (all to the same network), doesn't work. Also I have "show local devices only" turned off. Also I've tried with offline installer, nothing changed.

I give up about this one. I think it's a problem in specific PC configuration, so it can't be fixed by Spotify support anyway. 

@Marcin_Max @HeroOfOlympus 


Well, yes.. It is really odd.


You can try out rebooting your PC in safe mode with networking - if things work that way, then there is a program causing issues in normal mode.

To reboot in safe mode (networking) do this:

1. search for msconfig
2. go to Boot tab
3. select Safe Boot and add a tick to Network
4. Click OK and the computer will ask if you want to restart right away.
5. Now, in Safe Mode you should be able to see if Spotify works.
6. To get back to normal mode, go to msconfig and unselect Safe Boot. Restart.

You can also try making sure you don't have private mode or offline listening on, and that your internet connection is stable.

Make sure you have installed all updates for your PC's and mobiles, and that the phone is not jailbroken.


Let me know what happens 🙂

It's working! After I've updated my adblocker (AdGuard). What's weird I was updating it before. (And soo nobody will say any word I've Spotify premium ;)). Thanks for help.

Thanks for suggestion here! I will try this when am home. 
However, I am definately on 2 different networks but before I was always setup same way and it just worked and I really enjoyed it! 

What if you're on work's network using proxy-server? Typical scenario is @home, smartphone connected to home wifi / PC connected to work's network using VPN. 

Do you know if there is any setting to make it work in this use-case? 

BTW, I checked mobile and settings show: 

"show local devices only" is switched off

I have the same problem; laptop A wasn't visible to laptop B, Android phone and spotify in a browser. It would play songs on its own while I had something else playing on another device.


I could switch my phone between wifi and 4g and everytime I switched it to wifi the phone couldn't see the other devices anymore as well.


Once I switched laptop B to another wifi, the issue disappeared and all devices could see each other and only one device could play at a time. 


Clearly a bug in the software that wasn't there a few days/weeks ago.


My devices are up to date, 2 x Windows 10 and 1 x Android 9. Windows Spotify is on version



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