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I can't change my profile picture. Help!


I can't change my profile picture. Help!

So, i've been using Spotify premium for a few months. The thought of sharing your favorite playlists with other people and personalizing your account was amazing, i tried to upload a picture to my profile. It didn't accept my pictures, so i tried a random picture just to see if i can upload. It did. But i can't change it now and i've tried every way to change it, i deleted the app on my laptop and re-download it, i've tried it on a different laptop etc. Nothing worked. Please help me.

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Me too! However, Spotify should make it more obvious as to how to update
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I have noticed that on my other laptop my lenovo the spotify application on that does not let me change my profile picture on spotify but if i go onto my alienware laptop and again open the application it then allows me to change my profile picture... Ummm im not sure why.


Same problem there is "No Change" when I "Hover" my curser over my blank profile pic as per the HELP instructions, 31st March 2017 and they still havn't figured it out, Macbook Pro , Safari , all updates done , and profile image change doesn't work?  I shouldn't have to use help! or the community for something so basic! I don't use Facebook for this either. Where's the "Update Image" icon + link? like how Facebook works, or Instagram, annoyed today, try again tommorow or the next day it "might" work then. Jokes!! (directed at Spotify no one else)

Go to Help>About Spotify on your desktop app and it should tell you if you're updated. Update it and restart the program. It should work. A lot of people, including me, just assume that their app was updated and it wasn't.

I've just found that too! Bit annoyed especially since I got my account hacked last weekend, would be good to have a prompt for any new updates

How do you add a picture to a family member on the family plan?!?!   My 11 year old son is part of my plan, and he wants his own picture.  All of the help discussions apply either to a stand alone account or to the owner of a family plan.  (My software is up to date.)  Thanks!

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