I can't listen to songs


I can't listen to songs






Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

So, i have this issue for a while now, like 3 month at least, and i cant fix it.
I already talk to the spotify support on Twitter and to my Internet Company to try to solve it but it still doesn't work.

The thing is, i can't listen to songs that i didn't listen to, the ones that i have saved or in a playlist are totally normal and i cant listen to them. I read a lot that is a Proxy problem but i tried everything with it and it still doesn't work. It happens in all the computers in my house and if im not connected to my Ethernet it works perfect, it look like a Internet problem but they said that "Everything works perfectly"

I don't really and im tired of it. Sorry for my poor English, i will be grateful if i have answer to this. Thanks

By the way, my spotify version is the