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Did spotify recently change their font on the desktop client?

Did spotify recently change their font on the desktop client?

Just wondering if I'm going crazy or not. Has anyone else noticed that the font recently changed on the Desktop client?

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Hi @aman207,


Are you using the Beta version of Spotify for Win10?

Don't think so. I don't remember downloading a beta client.

Can you please share a screenshot of how your client looks like? (Specifically a part where it's clear to see the changed fonts). Just hide any sensitive info. Thanks! 🙂

See the screenshot below.

The Home, Browse and Radio text, as well as the text in "Your Library" section, all look different compared to the text that's displayed in the "Playlists" section. I'm farily certain that it didn't look like this a few days ago, and thought it might have been a font change.

Not a big concern, however I am curious as to if this is a recent change or if I'm just noticing it now.



Oh yeah, yours looks different from mine 
Your font is in ''bold''.. 


Hey @aman207  @Roh


Yes, just noticed this difference. Well, at least in my client everything looks the same. The only thing I see is that in "Your Library" section the font is a little bigger than the others, but for your client looks like it's bold.


If you'd like to change that, I recommend you to try to Reinstall Spotify make sure you choose the Windows Store option.


You can also check your display settings/resolution, GUI settings and make sure all drivers are up-to-date.


Have a nice day 🙂

Yes I think it's just bolded for some reason. Thank you both!

It seems there is a rolling update for the desktop program. When I opened mine yesterday I had the bolding and it was kind of difficult for me to read the song titles/artists in my playlists. Switched songs via my phone all day lol.


Downloading the Windows 10 app from the Microsoft Store made it un-bold ! 😊


Hopefully they do not change that one too...


I recently noticed the font change in latest update. It look awesome on my Retina iMac.


I actually would like to know which font is this?

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