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Unable to find particular FB friends with search bar

Unable to find particular FB friends with search bar

I can search for some FB friends' page through "Find Friends" as well as their Spotify URI but not from just typing their FB names in the Search bar (No spelling errors) - didn't have this problem before and now I get a message that says "No results found" - why is this? 


I am on Spotify Premium, this problem occurs across my devices and from some quick troubleshooting, it affects a couple of FB friends. Mindboggled and would like to know, thanks. 



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Hey there @Lauvee,

thanks for posting in the community !


What you're describing might be caused due to a small connectivity issue.

Please follow these steps by their original order :


- Remove Spotify from your Facebook account privacy permissions

- Reach your Spotify account online here, click on the privacy settings and disable "Process my Facebook data"

- On the same Spotify account click "Sign Out Everywhere"


After you follow and completed all steps mentioned, reverse them :

- Give Spotify back all permissions on your Facebook privacy settings page

- Log in your Spotify account using facebook

- Reach your online account page and enable "Process my Facebook data"


Waiting to see how it goes 😃

Hey @OneByBoo, thanks for the suggestion! I didn't know I could disable Spotify from processing my Facebook data like that. I went through the steps, but unfortunately the problem still persists. I might try doing a hard re-install on top of the steps you suggested. 


I've 'followed' their profiles now so they're easier to find, but even after that, their profiles still don't come up through Search. 

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