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unable to disable crossfade

unable to disable crossfade







Oneplus 3

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Android and Windows 10 pro


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Recently i noticed that songs start to fade in and out. I find it annoying since it is verry distracting. I have tried to disable it in the advanced options, both by setting the slider to 0 and turning the off. Both did not change anything. If i restart the app of client (on pc) it sometimes fixes the issue. So it is on all the platforms that i use spotify on. Any way to fix this issue?


Thanks in advance

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Hey there @Robin1993 !


Is this happening only for playlists created by Spotify or is it happening in any context?

I think it only happens for playlists created by spotify.



It's likely that it's one of the few playlists that have crossfade enabled by default. It's not possible to switch this off but you can drag all songs into one of your own playlists.


Hope this helps 🙂

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