Import iTunes Playlists


Import iTunes Playlists


New Spotify user here.  I want to import some iTunes playlists.  I found lots of instructions for this with a google search, but they all say to open file, import, import playlist.  When I go to the file menu, there is no import option.  Has Spotify done away with this feature?

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I used to be able to do this as well. Today I wanted to add my iTunes playlists and I was shocked - the opton has disappeared from the File menu!

BTW mac user here.

Re: Import iTunes Playlists

Casual Listener

I have the exact same issue.  When I first subscribed to Spotify I was able to import my itunes playlist.  Now that I want to re-organize my playlists in Spotify (too many have piled up), I need to import more playlists from itunes and the option under "File" no longer exist.  Would Spotify please bring it back - again?