New Facebook account


New Facebook account


I recently deleted the facebook account I made my spotify account with, now I can't disconnect nor connect a facebook account to my Spotify account. I have made a spotify password and all, and my username is a bunch of numbers just as it said it would be, yet I can't connect nor disconnect from facebook under social. I have all my playlists and all, but I would like my username not to be a bunch of numbers...


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Re: New Facebook account


Hi @SimenKinnerød,


Unfortunately, if you've unlinked your Facebook account from your Spotify, there's not a way to update your username from the auto-generated string of numbers you're describing. If you just deactivated your FB account, you could reactivate it, and you'll be able to log in with FB again. 


If you don't want to do that, you could always create a new Spotify account. If you create a fresh account without signing up through FB, you'll be able to link your FB account later if you decide to reactivate FB, but you'll still keep the username of your choosing if not. If you are doing this, I would suggest selecting all songs in your "liked songs" and making a playlist from them, sharing it with yourself (or dragging and dropping to your desktop, then importing to the new account), and opening the playlist on the new account so you can then "like" all those songs and you won't lose your library. Of course, you'd do the same for your other playlists.


Let me know if you have any questions about this.