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Import library, then delete files which are on Spotify


Import library, then delete files which are on Spotify



so I cannot believe that this is not possible because it seems to be the most logical step when moving to the cloud. Maybe it is possible though and I just don't know how? In any case, I am NOT talking about the "use local files" feature of Spotify. 

My goal is simple. I have a fairly big music library. I don't listen to most of the songs but I still like having them around, just in case. But I don't need them saved as the whole file for that. For me to be willing to pay for Spotify and move my library there I want to be able to have those songs. 

>> So I basically want Spotify to check each song (they are all properly tagged!) and see if it is on Spotify and if so, move it to a Spotify Playlist. All the songs that are on Spotify can then be deleted and I only have to keep the files not on Spotify.


The weird thing is, it does seem to work somehwhat. When I use local files I can click on the artist and see all their music even if it is not in my local library. So it does seem to recognize it. But when I import playlists from WMP all names are gray. EVEN THOUGH they ARE on Spotify. Doesn't make sense. 

Anyway, can you help me out please? 🙂