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Incomplete local files import

Incomplete local files import

I have: 285 songs all in local music library 

Spotify has imported: 163 songs


My local ones, I can access all perfectly fine using windows media player and I really wouldn't be whining about it if there hadn't been 100+ songs missed in the tranfer 0.o


Currently my checked local files sources are downloads and music library- also tried moving some songs that got missed into a seperate folder outside the music library, then selecting it as a source but it hasn't worked either :///


Please let me know if there's a way to fix this haha, thanks~

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Hey, @user-removed -


That's not cool!


I suggest double-checking your files if they are supported by Spotify. 


Spotify supports 3 file types: .mp3, .mp4 and .m4p files.


This article may help:


If you have any questions, please reply 🙂

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