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Installation Path randomness?

Installation Path randomness?

So I had this issue for a while now and figured i'd aks here if any other folks have the same problems.


After I installed Spotify I just Cut the Spotify Folder from C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming and paste it on to my Data Drive D:\ . At this point Spotify works perfectly fine as it should but once an update hits it randomly starts to put the Spotify Data up a few folder levels:


So e.g. I pasted the Spotify folder to D:\Data\Programs\Spotify suddenly after an update alle the program files appear on D:\Data or D:\Data\Programs.


Does anybody else observe this???

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Oh and i forgot to mention:


Inside the original Spotify folder there seems to be the initial installation which wasnt Spotify kinda installed itself twice or something like that.


OS: Windows 10

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