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Issue to remove My playlists

Issue to remove My playlists

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Laptop Dell Inspiron

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I couldn't remove My playlists.

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Hey @Noguri 🙂


Could you give a little more information on this:

- what happens when you try to remove it?
- what exactly do you wish to remove, from what location?


Looking forward to your reply!

I would like to remove My playlist. I have pressed button delete, but nothing happens. No dialogue to remove playlist, no information.



I would suggest reinstalling your Spotify app, maybe it just needs a little refresh 🙂

Follow these steps on how to reinstall!


Let me know how it goes 🙂

I couldn't log in, because maybe of blocking by firewall. But, this isn't true. I have checked It and every looks good in firewall, also Spotify is checked.

Situation was rapidly changed today at morning. Spotify was reinstalled successfully, I could logged in now and also, remove playlist. I don't know, what was that at night. Now every looks, like It is good.

But some playlists I can delete only via menu. Due to this, that I couldn't move playlists to folder, because I am blind and there are lot of playlists It is inpossible to delete those playlists via this method.

After next reinstallation of Spotify, every works fine. I could delete playlists, as in previous time.

OK, issue continues:
After launching Spotify again, I couldn't delete My playlist, so I must reinstall Spotify (uninstall and install back).
Please, could You look on this problem?
Thank You.

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