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Issue with Spotify and Mouse Scroll Wheel

Issue with Spotify and Mouse Scroll Wheel

Plan:  Premium

Country:  USA

Operating System:  Windows 10 Home, 64-bit


My Question or Issue:  Starting today (7/1/2021), when using the scroll wheel on my mouse, instead of it either scrolling a page up/down or - in my weather app - it zooms the radar map in/out, it instead brings up a small windows over my Windows Chrome (which is running the most recent version) and it adjusts the volume of Spotify up/down with the scroll wheel... see attached screenshot.  This just started today after booting up my computer.  I did not change any settings or give Spotify permission to do this or change the settings.  On the little overlay window, it shows the volume bar, and the back/play/forward buttons.  I have tried to change the settings via the Windows setting - no go.  I looked in my Spotify account settings - couldn't find anything that would address this issue.  I'm at a loss.  I want my scroll window back to the "default" settings - not this where it opens these Spotify controls.  It is also doing it on my Microsoft Edge (which I rarely use - only use when I like the Windows wallpaper on the lock screen/spotlight thing, and then I shut it all down).  Chrome is my primary browser, and really, my only one.

Please help??

Spotify Controls Overlay Screenshot.png
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I had the same issue, disconecting and connecting again the mouse seemed to solve it for me

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