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Issues With Local Files

Issues With Local Files

I recently was rearranging my music in my local files and it appears to have messed it up completely. I have one song that I cannot remove from my library even though the song no longer exists at all on my computer, and I have one album that I do have on my computer that can no longer be added to my library. Any ideas how to fix this?

*UPDATE* I was able to fix the files that I was trying to bring back to my library, but I still cannot remove Wise Man. I've been able to make it playable, but there is no option to remove it from my library and clicking the remove button does nothing. I tried uninstalling but it did nothing.

*UPDATE 2* I finally fixed this by uninstalling Spotify from my phone and reinstalling it. I was running into issues with the app forcing me to redownload most of my library so I just did a complete reinstall. As soon as I opened up my library on the mobile version, Wise Man had a remove option and it disappeared instantly.

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