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spotify stops resizing properly once zoomed out

spotify stops resizing properly once zoomed out

After zooming out to the last 2 stages it stops resizing properly. I can force it if i change my zoom mode but . as soon as i go beyond zoom lvl 2 it starts this. 

I tried to disable hardware acc no change.

have a Nvidia 970gtx and 378.66 but it happened with the previous versions too. 

i also completely removed spotify and did a clean install. didnt work either. 


ps: it doesnt happen in the vertical direction. 



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I've had the same problem for probably a year now. on two completely different computers (win7 vs win10, geforce gpu vs no dedicated gpu, desktop vs laptop etc.)


I guess this is just a new feature of Spotify that we just have to learn to love like most other stupid updates

Bump... This just started happening to me as well. Tried rebooting, tried re-installing. The default font-size is too large for me (personal preference, of course), and this is slightly irritating to work around.


Windows 10 Home (64-bit), i7 7700 cpu, gtx 960 gpu. All drivers, software, and operating system up to date.


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