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Issues playing local files offline (Desktop Version)

Issues playing local files offline (Desktop Version)






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Windows 10 Pro (PC)


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Some of my local files aren't playable and grayed out in my playlists as soon as Spotify is in offline mode or my PC has lost its connection.
If I go to library and there to local files, everything is fine but I can't listen to them in my playlists.
I noticed that most of them have symbols like / ; - , . ₩ in either the title or the artists name (I don't know about the album name). Since there is pattern, I would assume it's some kind of issue in the programming code. I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible so I can listen to all my playlists without having to add songs to queue myself that would have already been in the playlist.

Also some songs have perfectly "normal" names, as well as the artist and album but they aren't available offline.


Foreign characters work fine

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