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Issues with the Spotify app on Windows

Issues with the Spotify app on Windows

Hey, I've experienced so many issues with the Spotify app on Windows 10 and would really appreciate help. The first issue is that sometimes, I can't view what all of or some of my friends are listening to. Second of all, sometimes, when I try to open the app, it simply shows a black screen. The third issue is that I can't choose a profile picture; it opens my gallery & I can press a picture but the actual profile picture won't show up. It doesn't matter how many times i try to re-open, re-install or restart Spotify/my computer, the issues keep appearing and getting worse. It'd suck if even more problems came as well. Any idea what to do about all these issues? Thanks.

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Hi @Chestellea

Firstly try turning off "Hardware Acceleration" under Spotify settings and restart your PC (this helped me when I had similar issues).

If this doesn't work then try a full CLEAN install (not just a normal - reinstall) following the steps outlined on the link below:-

Let us all know how you get on 🙂

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