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Lags in pausing, playing, skipping, changing tracks

Lags in pausing, playing, skipping, changing tracks

My Spotify for Windows lags in playing, pausing, skipping, changing tracks. Once pause is pressed, there is a lag of around 20 seconds or so before the song will actually pause, and during this period the song progress is still moving forward in the play-bar. Sometimes the actual sound stops instantly (but song still appears to move forwards) and sometimes only at the end of the 20 seconds. During this period I can't do anything else, and after this period Spotify suddenly corrects itself (pauses and moves the song progress back to where it was paused). A similar thing happens with playing, skipping, and changing tracks.


This has happened to me before but then I think just fixed itself. Suddenly it's started happening to me again. Have tried logging out and in, uninstalling and reinstalling, all with no effect. Please help!

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try to disable "Hardware acceleration" in the "View" menu in the upper left menubar.

If this does not work try to disable "High quality streaming" on the settings page.


Good luck!

Hi and thanks for your help!


In the end after that problem occurred I had already uninstalled, and could then not reinstall Spotify (the error 13 problem that seems to occasionally pop up on this site). So I had fun fixing that and when I finally managed to re-install, the problem I mention above was no longer happening! Will definitely try your advice though if it happens again in the future. Thanks again.

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