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Latest version incorrectly detects proxy and fails to connect

Latest version incorrectly detects proxy and fails to connect

One of your programmers appears to have broken the desktop version of Spotify as of this week - where is the QA on these projects?!



I was presented with a situation this morning where Spotify desktop was displaying the cannot connect error due to network related issues - false.


Spotify desktop now incorrectly detects a completely "full transparent" web content scanning feature within the Sophos/Astaro UTM firewall.

** THIS FEATURE WAS WORKING for years up until the latest update where Spotify is now coming to a HARD STOP because it fails to understand what a fully transparent proxy with URL filtering ONLY actually is and how it works.

There are no settings to be manipulated by the user, nor the adim - I AM the admin BTW and there is NO username and password to be used with fully transparent proxy.

Entering any proxy setting still fails with the desktop application - as expected.


What I have done to ATTEMPT to fix:

-Uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify on multiple computers - followed all Spotify guides.

-Observed firewall web logs - no blocking actions for affected computers attempting to access Spotify or their servers.

-Logged into the web play on the same computers and everything works as expected - NO ISSUES.


Possible cause:

-I believe that Spotify is detecting a self-signed certificate that is used by the firewall and immediately failing because it believes that the traffic is being proxied in a manner that will cause Spotify to fail - NOT ACCURATE.

-This is a false assumption because in the scenario, all port 80 and 443 traffic will be transparently proxied, as all web traffic is being proxied but uninterrupted unless the URL is a positive match for something nefarious.

-There is no need for a client side certificate, nor credentials as evidenced by the ability to play Spotify via the web player - NO ISSUES.


Again, the web player works correctly.


My request:

-Change the firewall detection methods back to what they were within Spotify prior to this latest update - it was working correctly.

-STOP forcing Spotify to automatically update itself every time that it is executed this is overboard and causes so many issues and troubleshooting man-hours on the users' end.

-Paid users should not need to use the "community" to solve problems - poor customer support when I have to submit a request via the "chat" page and not a trouble ticketing system.


Tech info:

-Plan - Premium

-Spotify version: The average user would never locate this, you cannot access that info without logging in or you must know how to locate the versioning info within the install package - not helpful for most.

-Windows 10 Pro version: 10.0.17763

-Firewall: Sophos UTM version: 9.605-1 (Full transparent web filtering URL only).


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