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Latest version of Spotify will not load

Latest version of Spotify will not load




New Zealand



Operating System

Windows 7


My Question or Issue

Spotify has been running fine until the last update. Which installs automatically - now Spotify refuses to load. Clicking Spotify does literally nothing. It doesn't even appear in task manager for a second.


I have to clean spotify out manually - since spotify.exe /uninstall does nothing.

If I reinstall using the latest download - same thing. Doesn't work. I've tried all the tricks.. installing in safe mode, as elevated admin, compability modes. Same result. Spotify.exe does nothing. There are no event viewer logs.


I have managed to get it working by first manually clearing out, then downloading an old version - just one version back fullsetup.exe. This works fine. But I need to be vigilant and prevent spotify autoupdating.. If I relaunch it by accident without cleaning the update files in appdata\local\spotify, it autoupdates and no longer works - forcing me to repeat the process.

This is some really, really annoying stuff - especially since I'm on premium.


Something about the latest update and windows 7 doesn't play nicely. Any ideas ?


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i think this could be the solution:

hope this helps, good luck.


sorry to hear this 😕

really hope you can solve the problem. 

good luck!


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