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List Radio is Infinite but Song Radio is Not?

List Radio is Infinite but Song Radio is Not?

I just noticed that Rooting a radio station from a List gives infinite songs in that radio station, but rooting a radio station form a single song gives you a finite list. I tried on multiple songs and restarted my device, still one is infinite and the other is not, if this was meant that way, I think changing to infinite songs from a song root would really be a great improvement, however if this was removed for the same reason for the last few weeks the radio from playlist feature was off, then please bring it back.








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Windows 10 x64




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Hi all,


Just last month, I was able to go to "Your Music" -> "Stations" and create a radio station based on a song/artist/album/playlist, and it would be saved there. I also had the option to click the 3 dots in the top right corner and delete Radio stations I didn't want.


Now, :

1. I can't create radio stations the same way anymore ;

2. I can't delete radio stations anymore ;

3. Clicking "go to radio" from the 3 dots in a song/artist/album/playlist takes me to a premade playlist which isn't a radio (I have to go to the dots in the playlist and select go to radio again) ;

4. Saving a radio makes it a playlist and not a radio station in my library ;

5. I don't see the radio stations button in the botton dock anymore.


PS : I have an Iphone 6S and I'm from Morocco

You aren't alone. Wondering if they somehow 'enhanced' (i.e. **bleep** users over) with the last update? Would not surprise me, because companies are so good at doing things like that. Sigh. And to think I am paying for a family plan for this kind of BS. Stupid me.

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