Loading problems on Android app

Loading problems on Android app


Sony Xperia XZ2 (Android 10)


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I have repeated loading problems on my phone. There is several issues on this.


First is that when I open the app the list won't load properly only the list names are loaded if anything at all is loaded and it shows the last music played. But even waiting several minutes doesn't help. Opening settings tab doesn't load it. I have to try open search and home again to see if it loaded anything. And have to probably repeat switching between search and home until it works.


On this start screen it can also takes several minutes minutes to start playing the last song. For example press the play button. close the screen and wait few minutes until it finally starts playing the song.


Also in this error mode it doesn't let me look at the playlists. Also even if the phone is in offline mode with downloaded songs it doesn't let me start playing them.


It doesn't always happen like that. I have taken out the possibility of problem being in the connection. 


To fix this issue on instance these come up I need to either swap several times between home and search or close the app and load it again and cross my fingers it works this time.

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Hi there @pantherbd,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


Can you perform a clean reinstall of the app? This will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


If that doesn't do the trick and you're using an SD card we suggest that you uninstall the app > turn off your phone > take out your SD card > turn on the phone again (without the SD card) > reinstall the app since the card can be corrupted.


Let us know how everything goes.

Take care!

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