Local Files and Spotify tracks not syncing


Local Files and Spotify tracks not syncing


Spotify isn't linking my local files with their library correctly (or at all, for that matter). Below you can see a playlist made through spotify directly. Searching for music, adding it to the playlist:

Spotify_online songs desktop.pngAnd here you can see the same music from my local files. As you can see the tags from the songs line up with what's in spotify's library but it doesn't seem to recognize that it's the same songs:

Spotify_offline songs desktop.pngFor me this is a pretty big deal and really annoying. It would be very helpful if there was an option to at least manually link songs to local tracks, if Spotify isn't capable to make these connections on it's own.

If anyone has any other ideas, I'd be very grateful.

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Yea I'm having the same issue. I'd like to you start using Spotity again, but I have about 3,800 songs downloaded on my computer that I would like to simply add to my playlists and have Spotify recognize them in their database. Most of the file names should be correct (granted a few may not). However, Spotify isn't recognizing any of them. I really don't want to have to manually search for every one of those songs on Spotify and add it to my playlist just so I can stream it across multiple devices and have my friends see the songs I hear and play them too if they wish to. I used to have no issue with this back in 2015 when I first got Spotify, they synced right over to their Spotify 'counterparts' (if Spotify had it in its music library of course), but now it doesn't seem to work anymore and I haven't been able to find any solutions online other than Spotify claiming it should automatically link local songs to their library. 


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Same issue here on Mac.


Does anybody know what are the mandatory fields for the auto recognition to work? Artist, song are obviously required but how about Album? (most of my files are missing album info).


macOS Mojave 10.14.5



--- quoting my own post from another thread ---




Unfortunately, automatic recognition does not seem to work for me.


What my goal is

Create 4 playlists located in 4 distinct folders on a USB Stick.


What I tried to do

- I'm on Premium Subscription

- Connect USB Stick


- Add Folder 1/4 folders to Local Files

- Create Playlist 1 /4

- Drag Local Files to the appropriate Playlist

- Deactivate Folder 1/4 in Settings


- Repeate the above with Folders 2-4

- Reactivate Folders 1-4


What I experience

Songs show up as Local Files (see screenshot).

Can play the songs as Local Files, no issues.

I can't access Go to Artist, even for Artists that are surely on Spotify.


About 300 Songs altogether. I could, of course, look them up manually but would love to save the hassle if possible.


Please tell me what to do, tried to look around here, this was the most relevant thread.


Thanks a lot