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Local Files not showing up in search

Local Files not showing up in search

Whenever I search the name of an artist that I have in iTunes but is not on spotify their music doesn't show up in the search. I can go to local files and find the songs that way but I can't search my local files through spotify. For example in the pictures I've attached, I search for the name of an album I have on local files and serach doesn't show anything but it is clearly there when I go to just local files. Any way to fix this?

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.54.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.54.08 PM.png
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I think it's something they did wrong in the latest update, and I hope they will fix it soon beause it's a huge mistake if they removed that function.. it worked perfectly before...

Yeah, it looks like the search pages are being rendered as a web view at the minute meaning they won't display local files. (and also the sorting is now gone)

The team are aware, I've asked the Spotify community guys to see if they can get any more information for us.

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Thanks for the quick reply!!! Good to see that the team is aware of the issue

I hope they fix this. I use local files a lot

Any update on this?  I want to be able to search my local music files from SPOTIFY.  Not having this feature means I have to open and rely on Itunes, no bueno for any of us. I'm considering uploading my local files to Amazon Prime Music just so I can have access to all my music at any time.  I'd prefer just to have Spotify provide this simple search feature instead.  Let's make it happen guys!!



The ability to search a playlist with CTRL + F will be coming back in a future update soon.

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Oh woah excellent, we went from "no ETA" to "soon", that's so much better  🙂


Anyway, instead of waiting for features that may or may not be coming back "soon", you can get rid of this unfinished piece of crap and enjoy a fully-fonctional Spotify again by reverting to the previous version and preventing it from auto-updating :


This is just a temporary workaround while waiting for Apple Beats to be released so we can all finally move away from Spotify 🙂

Same issue here, I just canceled my Family Subscription and went back to iTunes due to the local files issue.  I have 250gb of high quality lossless music on my PC.  That is mostly what I play.  If I click on local files in the Windows desktop app, I just see all my songs in one long list (and it is a VERY long list).  Only way to find an artist is to use the Search in the top left (or so I thought) I typed an artist's name in the search and I am taken OUT of local files and put back into the streaming mode with results showing for everything and no way of seeing what is local vs. online.  If there is no good way to view, search and play local files, I cannot use the app.   Unfortunate as the rest of the app is great.

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