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Local Files refresh ? Spotify doesn't detect when something changes

Local Files refresh ? Spotify doesn't detect when something changes

So I have quite a few problems with this application ...


I tried to import the Windows Media Player playlists, but Spotify couldn't find half the song (Windows's playlist are to blame here ...)


So I decided to create my playlists again.


I unchecked Downloads, Windows Media Player and Music Library to add my own sources (music folders).


After I did that, I moved a few files and renamed some to be more organized and ... spotify doesn't notice ? 


Spotify actually doesn't understand right away that a file has changed name or place and thus he gives the error : "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it" if I try to play a song that was imported .


But well, it doesn't give infos on how to import the file ... and when I restart Spotify he doesn't understand either ...


So what, do I have to delete the file in AppData every time I do some modification or will he do it on its own later like in 2 hours ...


This application doesn't feel right on so many levels it's too bad ... I expected way better

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