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Local files detected but can't download

Local files detected but can't download





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I have a couple local files on my desktop that I'd like to be able to play on spotify with the end goal of being able to play them on my phone. I've immediately run into an issue (which isn't uncommon from what I've seen) when trying to download the songs in an offline playlist on my desktop. Spotify detects the local files on my desktop that I want it to and allows me to play them on my desktop while I'm online, but if I put them in a separate playlist and try to download them for offline play it doesn't work. After messing around with it, I discovered that audio files that I created (i.e. voice recordings) had no issue downloading in the offline playlist, but mp3 files that I downloaded from iTunes wouldn't download. Any advice on what may be the issue would be appreciated, but at this point I'm starting to feel it's not worth the effort with how much of a hassle this became.

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Hello @Moose6,


Thanks for reaching out about this here and welcome to the Community!


We'd like to take a closer look at what's happening, as it seems that other users are experiencing the same issue. There's another thread here where we keep everyone updated, which sounds similar to what you're describing - is that what you're experiencing? If yes, please head over there to add your details, so we have all the info in one place.


If you're having trouble syncing your local files playlist for playback on your phone we recommend checking off the steps in this article under iOS or Android, depending on your phone model 🙂


Hope this helps - Let us know how you get on.

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