Local files gone since the latest update

Local files gone since the latest update

Hello! I've noticed that the "Local files" menu on the left has disappeared after the latest update. Where is it now? Or is it gone forever?

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Go to your Settings, where it says Local Files, the slider is probably turned off. Turn it on, and then go back to Your Library. It should show up there now. 

i am also having this issue.

I turned my local files on off and still nothing.

They’re under playlists now. 

I can confirm it is not showing there

Then local files are not working. If the setting is turned on then maybe the source is wrong.

PS. What I meant under playlists is Your Library->Playlists. Not playlists on the left pane. 

you're right it is under the playlist section in 'Your Library' but it is not under the playlists section on the left side of the screen with all the other playlists where it used to be.


Seems like a rather odd change but thank you for your help

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