Lyrics and missing songs


Lyrics and missing songs


To whom it may concern,


  I already saw your post about the lyrics comming back, but that is 6 months old and we still doesn't got the lyrics back. What is so difficult adding lyrics to the songs? I had an addon for winamp that did this in the 90s, why can't we have lyrics in Spotify in 2016? Are we going backwards?


  And why you guys keep removing some songs of an album, or whole albums from the list? It is really lame how some bands you can only listen to new songs. The classic ones are all missing. I have lots of songs missing in my playlist due to this problem.

  I pay for premium for almost 2 years now, I'm not here asking for favors or charity. Why can't Spotify simply give us straight answers to those problems, and resolve them. It is really simple to add lyrics and to stop removing songs from the playlist.


Best regards.