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Lyrics feature unavailable


Lyrics feature unavailable

Hey Community!
Just a heads up that our Lyrics feature on desktop is currently unavailable as we're making some big improvements to the feature. We'll share more updates soon. 
We can also confirm our partnership with Musixmatch is ending. It was a great partnership and there is mutual respect between both companies as our business strategies move us each in different directions.
iOS users can get lyrics and annotations on some tracks via our partnership with Genius. Check out the info here
Please share any feedback you have here in the Community. Feel free to vote for this idea too. 
1,005 Replies

This is NOT the solution to the problem.

FYI I have reported this thread since Rory who works for Spotify used it to lie to customers. I think lies fall under unacceptable content.

After reading a lot of comments and this ongoing problem with no lyrics. I will be ending my service and Heading over to Deezer music thanks for reconmending the site 

Spotify shame on you listen to your user base without us your nothing but forgotten.

I would not expect lies and such a level of disrespect from a well-established company like Spotify. Seriously, it would've been way better if you guys had been honest with us and said: "Howdy customers, lyrics are not coming back. We built a great feature, but we're removing it." Simple as that. But you chose to play dirty with us by giving us hope, and never talked about it again—and it has been like this for over one a half year now. Support on social media about the feature coming back? Blah-blah-blah and preset automated answers. Yeah, you at Spotify fooled us big time. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!

Oh ok, thats why.
At first i thought that spotify made it so it was a premium-only feature. After having the trial, i realised that was not true.

I take it your partnership with musikmatch was only temporary. sad

What´s laughable about all this is that Spotify and a few others try to make it as if the world has bigger problems and the bunch that complain are spoilt brats that should be doing hard labor. Does Spotify realize we are only complaining about this because it is precisely your job and you are not doing it? We are not writing McDonalds or Amazon - we are writing to YOU because that is what you said you would provide us and it is something you did well in the past! And yes, there are much bigger problems, but cheating on customers is also an issue.

Deezer (which is an option if you live in a country where you cannot subscribe or renew your Spotify premium *cough* Romania *cough*) actually have lyrics. And more or less the same catalog of music as Spotify. 

They are both eerily similar. Not only in GUI, but how it operates.

Sure, i like the Genius option on the mobile version. But what about the desktop version?

Using MM as a standalone app worked with the desktop version. But my personal opion is that it was lagging too much. 

Spotify people, call the Deezer people. Sit down over a pizza, and share stories on how to implement lyrics properly.

Well said. Hear, hear!


Why cant spotify supplie the whole cover included lyrics and picturers, bandmembers. producers etc into the app? I look forward the same feeling with spotify as when i bought a real record (plate)...

















I second that!! 😕

If you were missing lyrics, you might not miss them. It works well, I'm happy

Hi Rorey, Any updated on the comeback / future of the lyrics feature? Kind regards, Netta it safe to assume that lyrics aren't coming back? It's been over a year.

Hey, I'm a fan and client of Spotify Premium (from Italy). Spotify it's a great product but I don't like the fact they remove the lyrics. They said it was for a while but actually it already pass a lot of time. I don't even like Spotify Genius because if I'm reading the lyrics it's enough, I mean if I want to know something more about the artist/song I can find it online. Sorry for my grammar's mistakes 😄 I hope everyone can understand. I really miss lyrics on spotify (both iPad, iPhone and Mac). Please give us the lyrics back! 🙂

Cheers from Milan



Give up guys. Spotify is notorious for removing useful features and never putting them back. I've been their customer long enough to know this. Only reason I keep paying is because of the size of their database. If a competitor steps up on that department, I'm gone.


What annoys me the most is their half-arsed stuff like this "genious" thing on mobile, whatever that's supposed to be and whatever function it's supposed to serve. It's almost like rubbing into your face that "hey, you could be seeing some lyrics here, sucker!"

Genius is a paid promotion kind of deal, I assume. It's a pretty annoying website that somehow managed to run into some money. No clue why they won't give users the choice about whether they want to see complete lyrics, or their behind-the-song trivia.


Fully agree with the tendency of Spotify to remove features without replacement. In the four years that I've been a subscriber, their only goal seems to have been to "streamline the clients", which in non-marketing-speak means taking away features that were previously offered to people (and that they paid for). I'm with some other commenters in these forums: since I started my subscription, we've lost starred tracks, apps, release notifications, private messaging, lyrics, and so much more – where's the reduction in the price of subscription, considering all that has been taken away?

Rorey is a liar. How can Spotify let liars work on this company? Fire Rorey.

I'm sure Rorey tries his best. But it's not his decision when, how, or if the issues reported here get solved. From what you hear from people who left the company, it's frustratingly impossible to be proactive at Spotify and try to get anything done. Everything seems to get stuck in an endless swamp of bureaucracy.


Rorey is fine. Fire the entire executive floor and everyone in product management.

I have cancelled my Unlimited subscription. Fed up with these liars. I think we have been more than patient for several years. Spotify has no respect for its customers ...

Getting close to two years now. Pretty sad!

It's been over a year....are the lyrics EVER coming back??  Half the reason I have Spotify is for the lyrics.  



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