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Memory Leak adding Local Files on Windows 10

Memory Leak adding Local Files on Windows 10


Hello!  I just installed Spotify for the first time.  One of the reasons I'm interested in it is the support for Local Files.  But I tried to add a large number of .mp3 (23K) and within after a few minutes it had eaten all available memory and the app was no longer responsive.   It ramped from 8GB and everything else on the machine was idle.   The drop at the end of this graph is after I killed the Spotify process.

Memory usage before and after (the drop) Spotify was killedMemory usage before and after (the drop) Spotify was killed

I tried this with both the Win32 intaller and the Windows Store app, both had the same result.  

I've seen others comment on this issue on this forum, going back years.  It is trivial for me to repro and my hardware is run-of-the-mill, in fact 16GB is probably above the average.  Why has this not been addressed yet?  Should I just assume Spotify can't now and won't anytime soon scale to this level?

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Just chiming in to give you a "Same here!" - this is apparently still unsolved.

Hi, just wanted to confirm the bug on the Linux client as well. There are many reports of the same, but it doesn't look like there's any progress on it, unfortunately.

I could pinpoint it to my antivirus live monitoring the folder - excluding it from there did the trick. Still, that shouldn't be a problem in the first place!

Same here. Debian Buster. And also in Windows 10. Both well specced machines.
I'm going to try a smaller dedicated local file repository that I'll populate with essentials. I'd hoped Spotify would scan and process everything but perhaps it's struggling on podcasts and longer or unrecognised files.

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