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Missing dislike button on PC version

Missing dislike button on PC version


My spotify PC version seems to be broken. Web Play as well as desktop app.

In my discover weekly / release radar I can't dislike any tracks. The button is missing. And all the disliked songs from the app I can still see and have to listen on PC. If this is not a bug but a new feature I will start crying.

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Seeing the same thing on the latest MacOS version.   Discover Weekly is dead to me without this.

Same for me. I hope they will fix this soon. Spotify it's so bad without that option.

It's not, "missing."


Its absence is one of the wonderful features bundled with the latest awesome UI update!  I hope that you take the time to express your joy and gratitude in the pinned feedback thread - we're all SUPER STOKED on the host of incredible community-driven improvements that have been crammed into this much-needed revision!

There is nothing incredible about having less options, especially with a feature like this. They could have add an option in settings about this: HIDE or SHOW. Very simple and no one would have had any issues. ( Hope I got the english right 🙂 )

I found a way to get the button back. If you need help mail me at andrey_t9 at yahoo dot com as PM does not work at the moment on this website (I'm not getting even surprised anymore lol).

I hope you're being sarcastic... I don't think anyone asked for the dislike button / option to be removed.

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