More Ads on PC than mobile? (+feedback)


More Ads on PC than mobile? (+feedback)


I've used Spotify on my phone for the past half year or so. I like to listen to it when I go for my walks. I usually get a very reasonable number of ads- about one or two ad breaks per thirty minute block of songs or so. I didn't mind them, and I've been impressed enough with Spotify that I was seriously considering getting premium.


Well, somewhat recently I decided to install it on my PC to listen at my desk while I work. I am getting a LOT more ads than I was on my phone. I'm talking an ad break roughly every 2 or 3 songs, and sometimes even between each song. To make matters worse, they're almost always the same two or three extremely obnoxious ads for Spotify premium- including, frequently, a repeat of the EXACT SAME AD that JUST PLAYED. So sometimes I'll just get three clones of the same (again, hideously obnoxious in the first place) premium ad in a row. And a lot of times, I'll get up to seven or eight of the things, and then sometimes also a regular full-length ad after that.


Is this a glitch, or intentional? Are others experiencing this as well? Because at this point I have gone from seriously considering getting premium, to considering ditching Spotify altogether. It doesn't help that, as I said, they are some of the most obnoxious and grating advertisements I've ever heard or seen, even without the repetitiveness.


So to summarize:
1. Are there supposed to be more ads on desktop than on the mobile app?
2. Is it normal for those premium ads to be repeated so much, particularly repeating the same exact one two or three times back-to-back?
3. Just some feedback- the current crop of premium ads are the most obnoxious ads I've heard and are in fact counter-productive if you want to entice me.

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Well, I don’t have answers for why... but I’ve much experienced the same thing in reverse. I’d only occasionally use Spotify on desktop because I liked discover weekly and other Spotify curated playlists that I couldn’t find on alternative music services. So ads galore, right? Sometimes repeats, always the same raucous ads that started to really vex me. Then I started using mobile occasionally and went, oh my gosh, there are so many less ads! And, they give you the option of watching a video for 30 minutes of ad free music. So, in my experience, mobile has a much better ad experience — but takes away the option of playing a specific song that desktop has (forcing shuffle). But for the use I’m currently putting the mobile app to (pick me up morning playlists) it works great!