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Multiple issues following latest update

Multiple issues following latest update

I have a Student account and write from Italy.


I'm experiencing a couple of very annoying issues following the latest update in the desktop app.


I can only play music from my favourites. I cannot add new music to favourites, nor play music from the artists' page. If I save albums on mobile, these won't appear in the desktop app. Android app works fine.


These issues go away when I uninstall the most recent version and go back to an older one. When I close the app, however,  the next time I open it it is automatically updated, and the issues are back.


I hope this gets fixed soon, because it's VERY annoying. Have a nice day.


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check your hosts file (should be located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc ) and remove anything with "spotify" in the url from said file. you will receive advertisements if you do not have premium, but there are third party ad blockers if you google around

I keep on saying this but they MUST stop forced updates!!! Because I use an older OP system my updates stopped ages ago, when people find a build that suits their needs they must be able to uncheck the auto update box? Forced updates are counter productive as they create more new problems than they fix! Spotify STOP IT! Also when u mention this idea they fail to respond!

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