Music not playing when I switch audio output device


Music not playing when I switch audio output device








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Windows 7


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I frequently switch between speakers and headphones (turtle beach stealth 600). My speakers are plugged into the audio jack, and the headphones use a USB. When I turn the headphones on, it automatically switches the output to the headphones, including spotify's tunes.


This has been fine for spotify for the past 5 years I've been using it. However, a recent issue has appeared, where if I switch the audio device while the program is open, the program will freeze. The progress slider on the song continues as if it's playing, but I can't pause or change tracks. When I do, by double clicking on a new track, I get a popup at the top of the spotify window that says "Can't play current song."


The volume is up all the way on my headphones and the system itself, and I've checked the volume mixer as well, so it's not an issue with forgetting to turn it up. The problem happens when I turn my headphones off and it switches to the speakers, as well, so it isn't just my headphones. I've also tried doing this manually, while the headphones are still on, by selecting the default output device, and it has the same issue.


The temporary solution is that I have to restart spotify from task manager, which is kind of a pain, and I'd prefer not to do that. Does this happen to anyone else?

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