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Spotify crashing when switching output device






Operating System

Windows 7


My Question or Issue

When I change the default output device in the Windows sound manager, Spotify crashes every time. 

With crashes, I mean it continues playing the last second or so of sound on repeat on the previous device (without any sound on the selected device), and I can't interact with it. I have to kill it via Task manager, then open it again before it can play sound on the newly selected device. 


I have been switching output device like this for over 6 months now without problems, but it started doing this recently. Did Spotify/Windows update something to break this?


Hey folks,


Glad to hear that this is now fixed for you in the latest update for the app 🙂


Let us know if you continue to experience any issues by leaving a comment below.


Thanks for your patience and cooperation!


I'm having the exact same problem 😕 

I use Audio Switcher - but don't think that's the problem because that didn't happen before (typically use [Ctrl + Alt + 7] and [Ctrl + Alt + 8] to change to two different audio outputs)

I have to "End Process" to stop the looping. But no fix as of yet, even after updating spotify.

Any solutions?


I'm having the same issue. Started noticing it on Wednesday, the 12th.

I'm running the web app on Win 7, 64 bit and generally use SoundSwitch to change audio devices and have done so for at least the last two years without issue. For this problem I also checked if it would occur when switching manually via the Windows Sound options. And yes, it does occur.


I also tried reinstalling Spotify, but the issue persists.


The Spotify web-app deals with the switch of audio devices just fine.


This is rather annoying and it would be awesome if it could be fixed.


Same problem here, Windows 7 x64, started to notice the issue last week.


Same issue since last week. Desktop version/windows 7

I haven't found a workaround so far.
The only way to avoid the crash is to close spotify before changing the output device


Same here!

Desktop Win7.


Been physically switching to/from speakers/headphones while playback for years without issues or any computer change.

Started freezing 1-2 weeks ago when switching.

To help resolve it:

1. No buttons or anything in spotify app work when this bug occurs

2. You have to close at least 2 of the 3 instances of "Spotify.exe" in task manager to close it

3. Start the app again with the new output solves it, but any history is lost (such as last/current played song etc)



When are we getting a fix from Spotify team?


Same issue as described in the posts above, I am on Windows 7 64 Bits as well. The issue has started to appear in mid-December and was not a problem before. After switching my audio device, Spotify hangs and continue to run even after turning it off via right-click -> Exit. The only way to resolve this is to kill the main process in the Windows task manager and restart Spotify.


Absolute same issue (same OS etc). It drives me nuts, as I constantly switch between audio interfaces. Everytime I have to end all instances of "spotify.exe" via the taskmanager and restart the programme. This usually also means that it does not resume the song I listened to before or even the playlist for that matter.

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey all,


We're receiving reports that since recently Spotify crashes when the default output device for audio is switched.


We'd like to ask you to update audio drivers and reinstall the Spotify app using these instructions. If that doesn't help, please send us over the following:


  • Spotify version
  • OS and version
  • Since when this is happening
  • Between which audio devices you are switching

We'll investigate and keep you up-to-date.




Reinstalling Spotify did not help.


  • Spotify version:
  • OS and version: Windows 7 64bit, up to date
  • Since when this is happening: about 2 weeks
  • Between which audio devices you are switching: arbitrarily between onboard Realtec, RME audio interface, various USB DACs



My gear:

  • Win7 64x
  • Spotify
  • Realtek ALC889 7.1 OnBoard device
  • NVIDIA HD audio driver

I don't switch device while playing; only output.

From speakers (plugged in at all times) to headphones (plugged in at random): spotify hangs by repeating the last 2-3 seconds of audio playback in a loop (need to close app in task mgr)

From headphones to speakers (by simply unplugging headphones): audio goes silent, app frozen.


On a more general note. How can you say you need more info? There's tons of info in here.

Why don't you instead just lookup what has changed IN THE SPOTIFY APP and make some kind of estimate of what might have caused the bug?


There's only 3 updates in december for me in Win7 that _might_ be interesting:

  • .Net Framework 4.7.2 update
  • KB4470641
  • KB4471318

 Edit: also, there is 4 occurences of Spotify.exe in task mgr. Is that supposed to be?