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Playback stops after playing few songs on Echo devices

We've received multiple reports where repeat stops working & playback pauses after a few songs on Amazon Echo devices.

Hey there folks,

We've checked with our teams and this should now be fixed for everyone 🙂

Make sure that your Echo device is up-to-update, should you still experience issues. You can do this by asking Alexa for an update with the voice command - "Alexa, check for updates".

If the above doesn't do the trick, and the issue persists, we recommend that you create a new thread on our Help Board, so we can look into it further.


It all started last Friday in the afternoon for no apparent reason. I have three Alexa devices in my home and when I say "Alexa, play Spotify", she'll now play the first or second track of an album or playlist and then stop. So I then have to say "Alexa, play" and she'll continue and then stop etc etc. When I then look at the Spotify app on my phone, the album or playlist that is playing on Alexa, shows the play icon not the pause icon. It has to be something to do with Alexa, as when I play Spotify from my phone to a bluetooth speaker (not an Alexa speaker) or bluetooth earbuds, things play as they should.
I've updated both apps, unlinked and relinked Spotify but nothing changes.
I repeat a particular white noise track on an amazon echo in my sons room - in the last day or so I've noticed that it's stopped playing after a period of time and i have to start it again - but it will stop again after a number of repeats ( it has always played through the night previously for the last number of years)

I’m in the same boat! Except it’s when I’m listening to my playlists, she’ll just suddenly pause it out of nowhere. Everything is up to date so I’m not sure what’s happening. It looks like it’s happening to more people because I’ve seen more posts within the past few days.


Hey @Portoman and @Beookieyboo,


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Does this happen if you're playing music on the Alexa speakers separately or do you have them in a group?


It's worth taking a look at the info and steps suggested in this thread if you're using the speakers in a group. Let us know what you've tried and if anything made any difference so we can decide what to suggest next.


Thanks and we'll be on the lookout 🙂


Hey @chrisd555,


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I recommend starting with some troubleshooting steps (if you haven't already done any) to test if they would make any difference. 


See if the following helps:

  • Restart your router and try with a different internet connection if it's possible.
  • Give the app on your mobile device a clean reinstall with the steps here and also reinstall the Alexa app.
  • Reset the Echo dot.
  • With the help of this article, relink your Spotify account to the Alexa app.

Thanks and we'll be on the lookout 🙂


Hi Ivelina, I actually took the steps you listed before prior to posting ( reset router, uninstalled spotify, removed the skill from my echo devices, checked for updates, signed out all spotify logins and still the same ) it's happening on multiple echo devices, even when connected to other networks - same is happening for my wife, issue is not happening when using amazon music. 


Appreciate the cooperation, @chrisd555 and kudos for trying the troubleshooting steps!


To further clarify, does this happen if you're playing music on the Echo speakers separately or do you have them in a group? 


It's worth taking a look at the info and steps suggested in this thread if you're using the speakers in a group and let us know what you've tried and if anything made any difference.


Hope to hear from you soon.


Yes I've heard that and it all seems random, yet nobody knows what to do. Someone said they rebooted the router but that didn't work for me. Please help us!



I'm playing anything individually through one speaker at a time, which I've always done.


Things I've tried which have made no difference

  • Rebooted router
  • Unlinked Spotify
  • Unlinked speaker devices
  • Updated all apps
  • Redownload apps
  • Looked out of apps
  • Unplugged speaker devices
  • Played Spotify with phone switched off

Many people are having this issue and it seems to be specifically a problem with Spotify and Alexa. This doesn't happen when I play Spotify with any Bluetooth device such as earbuds.

Can you ask the Spotify developers to look at this please?

I'm not playing in a group - just one device at a time - i'm also
experiencing the same issue if i use one of my echo's in another location
so not network related.