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Music stops playing


Music stops playing





New Zealand



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Windows 7


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I am absolutely at my wits end here. I recently did an update for my spotify that forced the program to instantly close whenever it would try to boot it up. Eventually I found the solution of deleting the spotify files in my local appdata folder. Now I can boot spotify up, problem is that now after about 3 to 10 seconds all songs will stop playing. Ive tried everything, disconnecting all devices, deleting everything spotify related in my computer, down to the registry, Reinstalling countless times, moving storage locations for the program, playing it on other devices then back to the desktop but still nothing. The web browser also appears to not be working as well if that is any indicator of something.

Any help regarding this would be much appreciated as I have no idea what to do now


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Same here!

Same here. It started yestarday (26.4.2019). Appears on all devices, 4x windows 10 and samsung S10.

My first thought was, that android does something. Logout from android did not help.


Any Ideas?

 Hi again


Tried one more thing and it helped. I closed spotify on my desktop at work and WOLA, it helped. Problem comes back, when I started spotify again at that computer. I will try to analyze the problem deeper on next week. Version seems to be latest one.


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