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Mute music by pressing a button

Mute music by pressing a button

I suggest adding an option to the PC version in the settings-mute music when you click the button and turn it on when you click it again. It often happens that when you play, communicate with friends or do something else, you listen to music, but sometimes the music interrupts a friend or a game, and it is quite difficult to turn off the music, you need to spend a lot of time

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Hey @DrakeX 


You can pause music by hitting the spacebar key. I find it more useful than muting, because i won't miss any tracks that would just play on in silence if I muted the app.


So, in general I recommend alt-tab to switch to Spotify, spacebar for pausing/playing, and alt-tab back to the app you were initially using.


However, Spotify also has a mute shortcut - Ctrl+Shift+Down. Hitting it again will unmute.

For clicking purposes, clicking at the speaker icon to the left of the volume slider will also mute/unmute.

For full list of shortcuts Spotify offers, peek into this article. 🙂


Let me know if you need more help!

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Hey @Sebasty

The mute shortcut does not work.

You could use the Fn key and F2/F3 to change the volume while playing games atleast thats what I do.


Same issue. Mute shortcut definitely doesn't work on the Spotify App(UWP/Windows Store). Been waiting for this to be fixed since forever.

A multi-million dollar company's main music app not detecting mute shortcut bug is......


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