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My friends cant add songs into my colaborative playlist

My friends cant add songs into my colaborative playlist

Hi, Today morning i made a collaborative playlists in order to have fun with my friends and enjoying our music. However, when share this playlist they were not able to add their music, the playlist was seen as an normal (not collaborative) playlist. Then I though it was a mistake by the web player so I created another playlist using facebook messenger but also my friends were not able to add music. 

I would like to know when this problem is going to be solved or the reason why my collaborative Playlist dont work. In addition when i make a collaborative playlist it disapears from my public music and converts into private. 

¿Could anyone tell me what should I do or how could I send a report so Spotify can fix this problem?


Thanks, A.

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Hi Again, as an additional information: then we tried create the playlist using another account but the same problem happened.

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