My layout changed after switching to premium

My layout changed after switching to premium



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Used to browse spotify easily on my pc, when I got on an artist's page it showed a full list of all songs sorted by album. Then I decided to join my sister's family account. Suddenly when I looked at an artist's page I only saw albums and had to navigate songs by clicking at an album. This is (in my eyes) a very annoying feature and I really liked being able to listen to every song of the artist on one page. There is no button for me to see choose between both these layouts. Anyone have a sollution?

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Sounds like you got the New Desktop [Horror] Experience installed. See here for, growing continuously, more than 600 angry customer comments about being forcibly enrolled in Spotify's Beta program : New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!


If you want to get rid of it: Instructions for rolling back the New Desktop Expe...

Thank you so much!

You're very welcome 🙂

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