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My music is gone!?!?

My music is gone!?!?

a few days ago i added all of the songs i had saved on a couple of different playlists to the "your music/songs" feature.

After making sure they all transferred i then deleted them from the original plalists.

Now today i start up Spotify and only 39 songs out of over 3000 remain.


22 of the songs i added the same day that i moved the music but for some reason all of the remaining songs show as being added on April 14th which isn't correct(not sure if this is coincidence).


has anyone else had this issue?

is there any way i can retrieve the music i lost like from a cashe or histor file or something?


i've been building those playlists for almost a year and the thought of them being completely lost is almost too much to bear >.<



thanks in advance for any help offered

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Hey @Troiatitan -- I've recovered all those songs (I think - let me know if not), but in terms of adding to Your Music, I think you probably experienced this bug about adding 542+ tracks at once. If you add ~500 at a time, they should "stick", although we know it's not ideal!


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Wow thanks for the quick response and reply Adam....thats pretty impressive.


i have another question now though lol.


i was trying to correction the issue on my own and i opened the "collection" file located at (C:) > Spotify > users > "my user id".

now i'm not sure if this did anything but now after you recoverd my playlist as well there's 2-3 copies of most of the songs.


i'm not complaining in any way......i'm far beyond grateful to have my music back.....but is there a way that i can clear the duplicates other than deleting 1 by 1?



thank you VERY much again and again for the assistance 

I guess you could de-duplicate them in batches of 500?

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Hmm, I'm not quite sure how that happened, to be honest. It seems like most of the duplicates were added 2 days ago, so I can revert back to before then, but that'll also remove any tracks added since then that aren't duplicates.


I did try Peter's method on your behalf though and created a new playlist in your account (log out/in if you're not seeing it immediately). It removed a lot of duplicates but any track that's taken from two different albums is still there. It should be a lot better though!


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To judge my musical taste, check out my

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