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Name of local songs

Name of local songs

 Hello everyone.

When I try to import local files from my computer to Spotify (Mac), it works really well. However, Spotify automatically change the name of my files, trying to guess an existing song title while they are non-market music. I would like to know how I could keep the name of the local file as it is written on my computer. I did not find anything in the settings. It's very disturbing.

Thank you, beautiful community.


Hugo ! 

2 Replies

Hey @Hugo75000, welcome to the Community!


The best workaround with this issue is to edit some of the file info before importing it to Spotify. 


You can try changing the name of the track or the name of the artist in the file.


Hope that helps.

You can try looking for an app that lets you edit metadata of files like mp3s.

Personally I had a good experience with mp3tag (on PC). Not endorsing the app, and it's still up to you if you want to install an unknown app, make sure it's virus-free and such, but there you go.

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