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I got a problem with the sorting process of playlists.

I put all my saved songs from "Songs" into a playlist and i really want to keep that sorting. Now, when i add a new song to that playlist, its not like under "Songs" where the newest songs are always on top but they will be added to the bottom of that playlist. 
When i tryed to sort them by the date they have been added it created a big mess, because they are of course sorted by the time they have been added to the playlist and not like i would want it sorted by the time i added them to my bibliothek. 

Is there a possibility to make new added songs in the playlist go to the top without sorting the playlist by the date they have been added?

I hope i explained the problem understandable. 

Best Regards

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Hey @Deniz892, welcome to the comunity!


Right now, there isn't a way to sort the playlists this way since every playlist will have their own timestamp when you add new songs to it. The timestamp is not borrowed from the library.


In this case, you'll have to manually arrange the songs to your liking. Using the desktop app is the easiest way since you can just drag and drop songs to the place you want them on the playlist.


All the best.

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