New web UI on new account I created

New web UI on new account I created







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Windows 10 Pro


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I recently created a new Spotify account (this one) for a simple username change. When I use Spotify on my new account, it has the web interface. I have lost so many features like selecting all songs in a playlist, sorting songs from date, or title, or artist, and customizing playlists with a description and icon. Is there any way I can change to the Desktop UI, which has all the features I need? Thanks.

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Hi there @tombles,

thanks for reaching out about this !


I strongly recommend you add your +VOTE to this idea and subscribe to it for further updates.


Hope this helps 🙂

I think more people need to upvote for this idea as the new webplayer and the new desktop ui is just terrible. It was a pleasure to make playlist and just spend a lot of time with the desktop app which I thought was amazingly done, btw. Now it is a chore and beyond playing music you know, the joy of discovery has gone with the clunky lack of functionality player. I am all for change but it should not be forced onto paying customers. Especially customers who care enough to complain. I just don't get why this was done. 

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