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Nice looking but terribly buggy newdesktop UI

Nice looking but terribly buggy newdesktop UI

The newly updatet desktop version of Spotify looks nice, however an option to switch between a black, gray or white interface would be nice, I think it’s a little bit to dark for me..

But there are too many bugs, too many new options I do not understand an too many other problems I have with this new UI.

Here are some examples (I use Windows 7)


1. When I click on the icon in the top right corner with my name, the small popup opens on my second display, to the right, instead of on the right of the icon, on the right screen. 


2. Where did the stars go?? I used to ‘star’ songs I like, and that way create a huge playlists of songs I like. I don’t get what the new icons mean.. Can someone explain me or is this question already answered somewhere else?


3. Offline songs dissapeared (not the only one with this problem)


4. Some apps, like musiXmatch, sometimes don’t work, I didn’t have this problem before the update.


And so on... Please, if you’re planning on updating your software, at least try to prevent things like this..

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