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No sound in Spotify for Windows 10

No sound in Spotify for Windows 10






Lenovo P51

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Windows 10


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I am opening yet another "no sound" issue because none of the other topics provided any solution.


This happens at random but very frequently, and when Spotify becomes mute, all other applications still have sound, all browsers have sound playing Youtube or Soundcloud or anything, the Windows Media player has sound, the Groove Music App has sound, the system plays sound events, everything has sound. Except Spotify. So no, there's nothing wrong with the mixer, with the sound settings, with the default output device.


Thank you.


PS. It resists reboot. It resists uninstall and reinstall.


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I followed the answer in this topic, opened Sound Settings, went to App Volume where I found Spotify Music set to 100% volume. I touched the slider without moving it and then the sound resumed. Until the next random mute; but at least I now know what to do.

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