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No thumbs down option or negative button to hit?

No thumbs down option or negative button to hit?

The option to thumbs up or down has disappeared. There were a heart and a negative sign for a bit and now it's just a heart. I hear the same music over and over with now no option to explore new music. I ALWAYS listen to the radio to search for something new. Now I cannot. It's frustrating to beyond. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Problem was not fixed. Please help...






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I agree, now there's no way to 'teach' the radio station or what you like. If my root playlist has 3 Blues songs 2 of them are jump blues and one is a long slow solo guitar, I'd like to the radio to mix those 2 genres not just be stuck at the guitar genre. How is removing a controlling feature making anything better? And in general as a premium user I'm getting more and more adgetated by these 'de-evolutions' to the product, aka less and less control for the user. Are you not making enough money Spotify? 

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