NonRepeating Radio-- AllOfSpotify


NonRepeating Radio-- AllOfSpotify



What do you think?

                     No repeat radio

          No track limits - No duplicates
            True shuffling - All of Spotify

         Automatically updated periodically

I offer you  AllOfSpotify_Radio   >>  AllOfSpotify_Radio  <<   with No track limits-- No infuriating repeats!-- Includes prehistoric classical and . . . .



Or for just songs, try  Songs_Radio  >>  Songs_Radio << -- No repeats-- No track limits-- Forever . . . .







As we have discussed elsewhere, input for both above "radio feeds" derives from the "AllOfSpotify" feed with only  ...  tracks removed.


Somebody in the future can develop for you the ability to exclude the artists and types of music that you don't want to hear. (I laugh.)

But right now, I can offer to you what my friends offer me-- a Spotify radio that plays AllOfSpotify for you-- with No track limits-- And as long as you have the Spotify "shuffle" off-- No duplicates-- True shuffling that goes through AllOfSpotify before it goes back to repeat any track. (Very funny, yes?-- and Merry and Jubilant and Happy New Xmas!)

Feel free to "Cut" a copy of either of these AllOfSpotify radios into chunks for your separate devices-- a separate NonRepeating chunk for each separate device-- Then make each "chunk" available OffLine on the target device-- That way you will even get ZeroRepetitions across all devices 24 X 7 X 190! (I laugh.)

Everybody has a different way to prevent repeats on ReStart of a playerSession. Accordingly, just play the two infinite Radios straight through without interruption until the Radio stops on you-- (Very funny!)-- Never Spotify shuffle and Never Spotify Radio and Never Spotify_DiscoverWeekly and Never Spotify_ReleaseRadar-- or you will allow Spotify corporate to inject into your PlayQueue those dumbSpotifyAdvertisements that you don't want to hear again and again.

Joy and Joy and Joy in the Forces that be With us!