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Not working on Smart TV, PS4 or Webplayer

Not working on Smart TV, PS4 or Webplayer





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Windows 10


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For the last 2 months, I have not been able to get Spotify to work on Firefox. If it isn't having issues trying to load the homepage of Spotify, it has issues trying to  loading the playlist I want it to play. And when you click on the play button, it just shows a spiral circle around the play button as if it is trying to load/play the song.  I was facing this issue when I tried to listen to Spotify off my Samsung Smart TV and PS4 as well. I got so frustrated with the app never working on either the PS4 or the Smart TV, that I switched to using it on my desktop. Well, now I am facing the same issue when using my desktop. I have tried other browsers as well, and I am running into this same issue.  I know this issues isn't due to my internet speed either, since I tested my internet and I have 210 Mbps. I would really like this resolved so I don' t have to cancel my membership since I do enjoy using Spotify when I can get it to work properly.

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This started to happen to me today.
It don't work on my ps4 or my LG C9 OLED smart tv.
Highly annoying.

Can't push play on any of the songs. Just browse through albums and stuff.

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