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Obscure issue with spotify connect

Obscure issue with spotify connect

So I've found an issue where if you transfer between playing the music on android to PC then the song currently being played will always start at the timestamp at which the changover occured.


I'm using the spotify desktop application for windows. (installer version, not the win 10 store version) on a custom built PC and the android app on a One Plus 3.


This issue has occurred over multiple versions on both platforms. Just took me a while to isolate what causes it.


Steps to reproduce issue:

1: Start playing a song in a album/playlist. (anywhere you can skip back and forth between songs) on the android app with desktop spotify open.

2: Wait for spotify connect to show up on the PC.

3: Return to the android home screen and turn the screen off

4: Pause the music on the phone from the PC via spotify connect.

5: Wait for spotify connect to disconnect (green bar at the bottom to dissapear) and then play the music on PC again. The music should now play on the PC.

6: Skip either backwards or forwards to a different song.

7: Next time the song which was playing when you transferred between devices is played it will start at the timestamp which the changeover occured at until you restart spotify.

The song will start at the timestamp if it comes up next in a playlist or is skipped backwards or forwards onto.

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